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5 Ways to Empower Your People to Look After Their Wellbeing

Few things impact company culture, productivity or profit in quite the same way as employee wellbeing. Your people are the lifeblood of your organisation, and with the right levels of care and support, they’re the best brand ambassadors you’ll ever have. But how do you help your colleagues to really care for themselves?  As the ...

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Workplace stress

Work and Mental Health: Does Work Give More Than It Takes?

Work is an integral part of our lives. It is something that most of us do for a significant portion of our adult lives. We spend countless hours working, trying to make a living, support ourselves and our families. However, work can also be a source of stress and anxiety. In this blog post, we ...

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5 Ways to Beat Workplace Stress

Stressed out? Tired of feeling tired? Ready to reinvigorate your working day? Great! Let’s get stress-busting… We’re never going to promise you a stress-free existence; where would be the fun in that? But while a certain level of stress can be good for you (pushing you to achieve more and keeping your motivation levels high), ...

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Family decorating Christmas tree

Navigating Christmas With Family

For many of us Christmas is a chance to spend time with our nearest and dearest. A time of love and friendship and we look forward to the next one as soon as it’s over. For some people though, spending Christmaswith family  is something to be endured rather than enjoyed at times, fraught with difficulty, ...

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Employee Burnout Part 4: Preventing Employee Burnout

Employee burnout is impacting UK workforces.  A study by Deloitte found that employee burnout costs UK businesses £45 billion in 2020. This figure has risen by 6% over 3 years and hints at a growing problem.  Employee burnout is not limited to financial losses. It affects the collective wellbeing of a workforce— and can be ...

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Employee Burnout Part 3: Dealing With Employee Burnout

Employee burnout is a global issue costing us billions each year—approximately £45 billion, in fact. But it’s not just financial losses that are a direct and detrimental result of burnout. It has a huge impact on the collective wellbeing of the employees suffering with it, and by extension, public health and the development of our ...

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