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Trusted by companies and employees accross the UK

Transform Your Workplace Wellbeing with Betterspace

Work-related Stress and Mental Health Issues

  • Overwhelmed employees with high stress and anxiety
  • 70% of workers report work-related stress, anxiety, or depression
  • 63% of UK workers are considering quitting their jobs due to stress

Personalised Well-being Support

  • Our innovative platform provides tailored mental health resources to help employees manage stress and anxiety, fostering a healthier, more productive work environment.

Fragmented Well-being Programs:

  • HR strained by managing disconnected programs
  • 27% of HR time spent on fragmented initiatives

Seamless Integration

  • Consolidate all well-being initiatives into one platform. Betterspace streamlines administration, saving your HR team valuable time.

Inability to Measure ROI:

  • Difficulty measuring well-being program ROI
  • 62% can’t assess the impact of initiatives

Actionable Insights

  • Make informed decisions with our comprehensive data analytics. BetterSpace provides the insights needed to refine and optimise your well-being strategy, ensuring measurable outcomes and continuous improvement.

Financial Impact of Poor Well-being:

  • High costs from absenteeism and turnover
  • £45 billion annual cost to businesses

Cost-effective Solutions

  • By reducing absenteeism and turnover, BetterSpace saves businesses substantial costs. Our data-driven insights help you measure and enhance the ROI of your well-being programs.

Lack of Effective Communication:

  • Poor communication on well-being efforts
  • 58% feel organisations don’t communicate effectively

Enhanced Communication

  • Improve employee engagement with clear comms. Our platform ensures that well-being initiatives are well-understood and used, creating a more connected workforce.

Employee Engagement and Use:

  • Low engagement with well-being resources
  • Challenges integrating new employees and tools

Boost Engagement and Retention

  • Our AI-driven personalisation and rewards tools increase employee engagement and satisfaction. High adoption rates of our well-being resources translate to a more motivated and loyal workforce.

Transform Your Workplace
Wellbeing with Betterspace

Stress and Mental Health Issues

70% of workers report work-related stress, anxiety, or depression

63% of UK workers are considering quitting their jobs due to stress

Personalised Wellbeing Support

Provide custom mental health resources to reduce stress and anxiety, enhancing productivity and job satisfaction.

Fragmented Wellbeing Programs

HR spends 27% of their time managing disconnected wellbeing initiatives.

Seamless Integration

Consolidate all wellbeing programs into one platform, saving HR time and improving efficiency.

Inability to Measure ROI

62% of organisations struggle to measure the ROI of their wellbeing programs.

Actionable Insights

Use comprehensive data analytics to assess and optimise wellbeing strategies, ensuring measurable outcomes and continuous improvement.

Financial Impact of Poor Wellbeing

Absenteeism and turnover due to poor wellbeing cost businesses £45 billion annually.

Cost-effective Solutions

Reduce absenteeism and turnover with data-driven wellbeing programs, significantly lowering costs and enhancing ROI.

Lack of Effective Communication

58% of organisations struggle with poor communication regarding well-being efforts.

Enhanced Communication

Implement clear, engaging communication strategies to ensure wellbeing initiatives are understood and embraced, fostering a connected workforce.

Employee Engagement and Use

Low engagement with wellbeing resources and challenges integrating new employees and tools.

Boost Engagement and Retention

Use AI-driven personalisation and rewards to increase employee engagement and satisfaction, leading to higher adoption rates and a more motivated, loyal workforce.

Our clients have seen

35% increase in adoption of our wellbeing services

Over 95% wellbeing engagement levels

Over £250k of annual savings

Effective Solutions for Workplace Wellbeing

One Platform

Instant Access: Access the platform on web or mobile with all the wellbeing resources anytime, anywhere.

Seamless Integration: Betterspace incorporates your existing suppliers and integrates them, allowing you to focus on your people instead of juggling multiple vendors.

Empower Your Workforce: Make use of our marketplace with wellbeing budgets to offer choice and empowerment to your team.

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A Personalised Experience

Tailored Support: Our platform provides everyone with unique wellbeing support powered by cutting-edge AI technology, addressing individual needs.

Engaging Tools: Leverage gamification, behavioural economics and nudge theory to create an engaging experience that employees love and return to.

Recognition and Rewards: Reward and recognise your colleagues and teams within the platform, eliminating the need for multiple systems.

Wellbeing Business Partner

Proactive Partner: Our platform and success team become your proactive Wellbeing partner, offering data-driven support and insights.

Maximise ROI: Betterspace identifies ways to enhance the ROI on your wellbeing investment and reduce overall workforce costs.

Simplified Strategy: Eliminate guesswork from your health, wellbeing and employee experience strategy with Betterspace’s comprehensive solutions.


Why choose us?

Betterspace’s sole focus is to shift the wellbeing conversation making it visible, proactive and relevant to everyone

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Trusted by companies and employees accross the UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Betterspace’s sole focus is to make wellbeing support visible, proactive and relevant to everyone. Our customers achieve significant adoption and high engagement levels due to our sole focus on wellbeing

We cover every area of wellbeing across 8 different pillars with a range of videos, articles, products and services. The pillars are – Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition, Community, Meaningful Activity, Stress Management, Financial and Parental.

With your existing Wellbeing strategy you may already have an EAP, Mental Health First Aiders and more in place already. Our platform does not replace these, but instead integrates with them to supercharge your wellbeing strategy, and increase engagement with your current services.

Our platform is specifically designed to integrate with multiple different systems, book a demo and our team run through all of this.

If Employers choose to offer a Wellbeing budget to their Employees. Employees are given an allowance to spend on Betterspace, which disappears if not spent. Employers can vary the allowance in line with their strategic aims.

We take data privacy seriously. Personal data is never sold or shared with employers, and all data is aggregated and anonymised. Read our terms of use and privacy policy for more information.

Absolutely. We are here to help, just introduce us and we’ll do the rest