LATEST FROM OUR BLOG: How to deliver workplace wellbeing to a diverse employee population

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Betterspace takes care of everything.
Finding the best resources to support and protect your employees’ wellbeing.

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The science of wellbeing, made easy

It’s a holistic approach to wellbeing, because that’s what works. Assessing your employees allows us to tailor what we offer, based on how they score against each of the six pillars. If they’re not getting enough quality sleep, we have countless sleep-based solutions; if stress is their biggest challenge, resources rooted in calm will be the order of the day.

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“Betterspace gave me access to fantastic, curated resources in a structured way, that helped me to think about how I could improve my mental wellbeing when I was feeling very stretched.”

Linklaters Employee

“Betterspace has been a game changer for the wellbeing of our team. The combination of wellbeing time and individual wellbeing budget has allowed everyone to put their wellbeing first, in the way that best suits them.”

Wellbeing Lead, Cyance

Betterspace is helping us empower our staff to think about and take control over their wellbeing. Their collaborative approach with us helps to evolve and shape our offering and help support our workforce in a more impactful way.

HRD, Greenhouse Sports

Partnering with Betterspace was our first foray into providing our team with an online wellness platform and we are delighted to have renewed for another year. Not only has the platform been very well received by our colleagues, but operationally Betterspace has made the running of the partnership simple and flexible. Highly recommended.

CEO, Cowry

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