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Finding it hard to choose the best wellbeing benefits for your employees? With BetterSpace, you give them hundreds of resources. You’re empowering them with holistic support, and only paying for what’s being used. 

Five colourful cartoon icons show people doing activities to support their wellbeing, including dancing, gardening, listening to a podcast and sleeping.
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improve their mental wellbeing

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Better wellbeing for everyone 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Your employees all have different needs and preferences. 

With BetterSpace, they have access to more than 400 of the best resources that support and protect their wellbeing. 

Backed by science

If you’ve ever wondered how to define wellbeing, you’re not alone.

Our medical experts have identified The Six Pillars of Wellbeing to help you understand the different factors that influence wellbeing: sleep, exercise, stress management, meaningful activity, social connections and helping others.

Your employees complete our assessment to evaluate their wellbeing against each pillar. Then we show them their personal recommendations.

Personalised wellbeing. Curated by experts.

Six different-coloured icons, arranged in two vertical rows of three, break down BetterSpace's six pillars of wellbeing. From left to right, these are: exercise, stress management, meaningful activity, sleep, social connections and helping others.

How does it work?

A phone screen displays an example of the 'Your Wellbeing' screen in the BetterSpace app. There are six metrics, each measured with a horizontal bar in a different colour. In this example, the bars for sleep, helping others and stress management are the longest, indicating this person is scoring well in those pillars. However, the bars for social connections and exercise are very short, indicating that they should improve on these areas. There is a button below the six bars that reads 'Update Your Scores' and buttons for Home, Discover, Favourites, Orders and Profiles at the bottom of the screen.
A graphic explaining how the BetterSpace platform works. It begins with a magnifying glass and the text: "Identify the problem. Each employee completes a confidential wellbeing assessment". The graphic then winds down to the text: "Improve access. Employees are given a budget to spend on products and services", accompanied by three dots, which are connected by two lines. Next is a cartoon of a person's head. They appear relaxed. The accompanying text reads: "Personalise choice. Employees select the options best suited to them, maximising their effectiveness." Finally, the graphic ends with the text: "Track impact. Your employees become happier, more product and more engaged". There is a circle next to this text with four lines at the top, bottom, left and right.

BetterSpace gave me access to fantastic, curated resources in a structured way, that helped me to think about how I could improve my mental wellbeing when I was feeling very stretched.”

About BetterSpace

BetterSpace is the first intelligent marketplace for mental health, born out of the Zinc incubator. We are on a mission to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace with a disruptive, holistic and evidence-based approach.

We focus on prevention and behaviour change, rather than the traditional reactive approach that contributes to the rising personal and financial cost of mental ill health.

We work with the leading products and services that are proven to deliver mental health benefits, using a personalisation algorithm to help employees discover the resources that are best for them, delivering lasting improvements in employee mental health.

Backed by experts

BetterSpace has been developed in consultation with Dr Iain Jordan, Chief Medical Officer and Consultant in Psychological Medicine at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, a team of expert and other leading organisations pioneering research into mental health and wellbeing.

Two phone screens, one partially obscuring the other, display examples of the BetterSpace platform. The partially obscured one at the back displays products listed under the 'Meaningful Activity' pillar in the 'Discover' section of the app. The user has selected the 'Outdoor' and 'Cycling' filters. Two products are visible: Chroma Yoga, which is described as 'yoga with light and colour' and the Fitbit Inspire HR. The second screen, at the front of the image, is a description for one of the products available through BetterSpace: Climb the O2. In the product image, a group of school children climb the O2. One of the children, a young boy, looks behind him, smiling. The descriptive text reads: "Take a walk on the wild side, with an uplifting guided expedition over the roof of London's O2 via the fabric walkway. Suspended above the iconic tent canvas, you and a fellow adventurer will make the 365 metre journey to the summit, 52 ..." From there, there is an option to 'Read more' visible on the screen. There is a link to this product on the Virgin Experience Days website. Below, there are pricing options visible, one of which is £72. There are also buttons visible on the screen for going back to a list of products and adding this product to a personal 'favourites' list.

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Organisations need to change the way they approach employee mental health in order to retain staff, accelerate productivity and transform company culture. BetterSpace is the only employee wellbeing platform that offers end-to-end personalisation in an effort to drive lasting change to mental health in the workplace. 

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