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Leaders Connect Series

Episode 1

Workforce Wellbeing 2022

Workforce Wellbeing LIVE is a high quality, interactive, high impact event. It is designed to connect senior people leaders and decision makers responsible for employee wellbeing strategy, benefits and rewards.

Wellbeing Works: Leadership in the Wellbeing Era

Zoe and Jim talk to the CEO of Aon UK Julie Page, and mental health campaigner Geoff MacDonald about the role leaders play in fostering wellbeing across their team.

Wellbeing Works: The Future of the Office

Join Jim and Zoe as they discuss the future of the office with Jane Hanson, Chief People Officer at Nationwide, and Rupert Dean, CEO of X+Why

How to take a holistic approach to wellbeing

Join Guy Lambert and Helen Gillett as they answer the question: how do you take a holistic approach to wellbeing?

Wellbeing Works: The Value of Fearlessness

Join Zoe and Jim as they explore the value of fearlessness in organisations with Oke Eleazu and Gareth Lee.

Workplace Wellbeing: At Home

Join Guy Lambert as he explores the effect of working from home on wellbeing, and how these changes are here to stay.

Wellbeing Works: Building resilience

Join hosts Jim Woods and Zoe Eccleston as they discuss how wellbeing works with Jenny Lloyd and Jack Green.

Workplace Wellbeing, Reimagined

Join Guy Lambert as he introduces the future of workplace wellbeing

Wellbeing Works: The Six Pillars of Wellbeing

Join hosts Jim Woods and Zoe Eccleston as they explore the Six Pillars of Wellbeing with Dr Iain Jordan, and learn how they can be implemented in a real workplace with Helen Gillett.