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Flexible Solutions

Stop wasting money on solutions that don’t work. Our platform is employee-led, so you’ll only pay for the resources they pick.

Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach and empower your employees to create their unique wellbeing journey from a pool of 200+ resources, slashing wasted budgets on underutilized licenses.

Our research proves a remarkable 35% spike in utilization rates and elevated engagement. The employee-led model ensures you only pay for chosen resources, redirecting your investment towards what truly matters. With a self-assessment designed by a renowned psychiatrist, our AI crafts personalized solutions, providing an engaging experience that aligns with individual goals. Choose Betterspace and stop wasting money on solutions that don’t work; invest smartly for a thriving workforce and business!

Central Hub: One hub, all benefits

Consolidate brokered benefits and off-the-shelf perks in a single, user-friendly platform accessible to employees worldwide. Experience the ease and relevance of the Betterspace Marketplace, featuring pre-approved wellbeing solution providers that are not only easy to implement but also competitively priced. The Central Hub goes beyond convenience, providing a comprehensive analysis of adoption and utilization for all brokered and marketplace benefits. This data transparency and visibility empower you with insights into wellbeing budget utilization, ensuring your resources are strategically invested.

Simplify, optimize, and elevate your benefits program with ABC’s Central Hub for unparalleled efficiency and employee satisfaction!

Monthly Wellbeing Initiatives

Experience a holistic approach to employee engagement with Betterspace’s Tailored Wellbeing Calendar, a comprehensive solution that goes beyond data gathering and surveys. Our initiative-packed calendar includes a diverse range of offerings, from speaker series and online/offline events to team challenges, community drives, and engaging content through newsletters.

Collaborating seamlessly with company-appointed wellbeing champions, we streamline their efforts, making their lives easier. Our coordinated approach ensures the delivery of an engaging calendar that not only promotes employee engagement but also makes each team member feel valued and involved. Choose Betterspace for a well-rounded strategy that enhances your workplace culture and elevates employee wellbeing to new heights

Rewards and Recognition

Make employee acknowledgment a cornerstone of your work culture!

Our customized program establishes a continuous culture of recognition, empowering everyone, from frontline contributors to leadership, to celebrate impactful contributions. Aligning with your mission, values, and employer brand, our multi-directional approach fosters an inclusive environment.

But that’s not all – with Betterspace, you can allocate a small budget to appreciate employee recognitions through our unique wellbeing budget. This budget can be utilized on Betterspace’s marketplace, featuring 200+ wellbeing resources, ensuring that your employees not only feel appreciated but also have the freedom to choose rewards that align with their individual needs. Choose Betterspace for a comprehensive Rewards and Recognition program that not only celebrates success but also invests in the wellbeing of your workforce.

Employee surveys

Employee Surveys

Turn insights into action for a thriving workforce.

With our suite of surveys, understand and meet your employees’ needs, drive positive change and make informed strategic business decisions. With our wellbeing value study, customizable surveys, and a pulse-style Employee NPS, our surveys adapt to your organization’s unique culture. Tailor surveys to measure progress toward engagement goals. Uncover crucial people needs with data-driven insights and prove the ROI of your initiatives with tangible results. Elevate your workplace with Betterspace’s Surveys—where understanding translates to action, and engagement evolves into success.

  • Customizable surveys tailored to your organization’s unique culture
  • Employee NPS for pulse-style insights
  • Tangible results to prove the ROI of engagement initiatives
  • Wellbeing value study

Data and Analytics

Gain powerful wellbeing insights with our comprehensive data analytics

  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Our robust data and analytics dashboard provide HR leaders with valuable insights into employee engagement activities, influencing everyday workplace culture.
  • Holistic View: Gain visibility not only into Betterspace engagement but also across all benefits and solutions listed on the central hub, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their impact.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Empower decision-makers with detailed insights on the utilization of solutions, understanding ROI, and making informed decisions regarding managing wellbeing budgets and plans.
  • Interactive Dashboards: A suite of interactive dashboards reveals the most influential combination of engagement drivers on both culture and business outcomes, facilitating strategic decision-making.
  • Real-time Accessibility: Deliver clear and easy-to-understand data directly into the hands of HR leaders and managers in real time, enhancing their ability to respond promptly to evolving engagement needs.
Data and analytics
Wellbeing Value Study

Wellbeing Value Study

Avoid adhoc solutions with Betterspace’s “Wellbeing Strategy Value Study.” We help partners understand the overall value of their wellbeing plans, pinpointing usage and perception of each solution. Our expertise allows us to assess your strategy across five core pillars:

  • User Adoption: Gain insights into your best-performing solutions.
  • Cost Efficiency: Identify areas for quick cost savings.
  • Employee Awareness: Align wellbeing strategy with organizational goals.
  • Wellbeing Gap Analysis: Recognize wellbeing isn’t one-size-fits-all.
  • Employer Perception: Enhance overall perception of wellbeing efforts.

Choose Betterspace’s study for a punchy assessment that maximizes the impact on your workforce’s wellbeing.