Social connection for
workplace wellbeing

The fact that humans are social is not just a cliché. Social connection is essential to our sense of collective and individual wellness.

Loneliness is costing UK

  • £2.5bn

    in lost productivity

  • 183,580

    working days a year

Connection and wellbeing

Loneliness is a well understood contributing factor to depression and other mental illnesses. But with 45% of us feeling occasional loneliness, it’s clear that a lack of social connection affects many people’s lives in different ways.

While modern communication might play a part in this, it has also given us many organisations and activities that bring together people with shared interests.

With remote working being a new part of many people’s lives, the way we connect socially and how it contributes to our wellbeing is becoming a new problem. Using resources from BetterSpace, employees wanting to develop social connections can find new ways to meet with others, while opportunities to do this in the workplace are currently reduced.

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improvement in employee wellbeing.


employee approval rating.


prefer BetterSpace over other corporate wellbeing programs.

BetterSpace gave me access to fantastic, curated resources in a structured way, that helped me to think about how I could improve my mental wellbeing when I was feeling very stretched.”

Public Health England
Mental Health Foundation
NHS Oxford University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust

A clinically-backed workplace wellbeing tool

BetterSpace has been developed in consultation with a team of expert advisors from Public Health England, the Mental Health Foundation and other leading organisations, led by Dr Iain Jordan, Chief Medical Officer and Consultant in Psychological Medicine at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Our platform therefore combines accessible and engaging user experience with leading medical advice.

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Stress is integral to the workplace wellbeing crisis. Your employee wellbeing solution cannot be effective unless it treats both the symptom and the cause. BetterSpace is built around the six pillars of wellbeing, creating an integrated approach to tackling the mental health crisis and driving lasting transformation. Enquire today to offer personalised sleep management solutions to your workforce.