How do employees find and use resources through Betterspace?

Employees can redeem their transactions through our web app or native iOS and Android apps. Users log in to Betterspace and discover free and paid for resources, purchase resources from their wellbeing budget given to them by their employer. They can also add their own funds to the wellbeing budget if they choose.

How do employees cancel transactions?

To cancel a transaction, Betterspace users should log in to the web or mobile app, go to their transactions screen, select the order they want to cancel and click ‘cancel my order’. Only pending orders are allowed to be cancelled. If the order is confirmed, users should use the Need Help button on their order.

What happens if employees don’t use the wellbeing budget?

Depending on what has been agreed with the company, unused budget goes back to the employer after a set amount of time.

How does the wellbeing assessment work?

The Wellbeing Assessment is unique to Betterspace, and was designed with the leading minds in mental wellbeing. It is non-diagnostic, and allows the user to score themselves on key wellbeing metrics and share preferences. There are 35 questions, and it takes around 10 minutes to complete.

How are wellbeing budgets assigned?

Employees are given an allowance to spend on Betterspace, which disappears if not spent. Employers can vary the allowance until they achieve their desired engagement rate.

How do recommendations work?

Using the answers to question in our Wellbeing Assessment, we match to preference, needs and wellbeing objectives. And once you start rating things, we can make more tailored recommendations.

How do I know if my employees are using Betterspace?

Through your employer dashboard, you can see aggregate and anonymised activity as it happens. From the wellbeing insights from the assessments to orders being processed to how your employees are rating the different resources.

Who can view my information on Betterspace?

Confidentiality is everything to us. Your identifiable information is only visible to a small group within BetterSpace, and we only pass on aggregate and anonymised information to your employer.

How are the products and services vetted?

We have a lengthy QA (Quality Assurance) process, devised by experts in the field, to vet each and every resource.

Is the wellbeing assessment confidential?

Yes! Individual data is never shared with the employer and is only used anonymously, in aggregate only, to provide your employer with an overall understanding of the wellbeing levels of its staff.

Is Betterspace UK-only?

For the moment yes, but we hope we can scale quickly to other regions.

Can I refer Betterspace to my employer?

Absolutely. We are here to help, and we’ll be the first to recognise when BetterSpace isn’t the right solution, and help in other ways where we can.

Can recommendations be filtered for an employee’s accessibility needs?

Not currently, but we intend to work towards this.

Do employees need a smartphone to access Betterspace?

No – we have a web app too!