Workforce Wellbeing Live – April 2022 Betterspace Gold Sponsor

Author: Betterspace Marketing

Attending Workforce Wellbeing Live – April 2022

It was great to be the keynote sponsor at Workforce Wellbeing Live in April. We discussed the latest data insights into Employee Wellbeing generated through the Betterspace platform to help answer the question – Can an employer be net positive for mental health?

Workforce Wellbeing live panel

Individuals have access to a range of content, products and services, and our data shows that SLEEP is a key interest area for employees. The data also shows that employees like to self-learn and books such as Atomic Habits, Who am I and growing your own fruit and veg are top sellers. Massage and meditation are key services that individuals access with one-to-one support for nutrition and counseling also accessed.

Developing an individual’s wellbeing starts with providing the resources to help educate and develop the skills to proactively manage their own wellbeing. We provide content across a range of media that includes written, audio and video for people to access in the way that suits them. The data shows that each of those media types are accessed, and from speaking to users, they also combine their exercise activities with learning as they go for a walk, or make best use of their commute time – although, Covid-19 and working from home seems to have limited that personal development time!

As part of the event we booked one-to-one discussions with 24 different organisations and discussed how the Betterspace platform can help those organisations. Questions ranged from the technical and our ability to reduce friction to access (we LOVE to integrate into our client’s existing HR system for single sign on efficiency), to the financial around how best to deploy a wellbeing budget.


BetterSpace is the employee wellbeing platform putting control where it belongs: in the hands of the individual employee. Our groundbreaking solution has been developed with medical and domain expertise and is aligned to our Six Pillars of Wellbeing. BetterSpace empowers your workforce to understand and fulfill their mental health needs.

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