How to solve the issue of unused wellbeing benefits?

Author: Wellbeing

As we enter a new year, we often reflect on how the last 12 months have gone and workplace wellbeing is no different. When looking back on traditional tools that were put in place last year, it’s usually a pretty glum picture, with traditional EAPs yielding adoption rates in the region of 3-7%. But with mental health and wellbeing related absences approaching an all time high, why are employees not engaging with the wellbeing package provided by their employers? 

Why are they unused?

Despite doing your due diligence correctly, acquiring a wellbeing resource based on feedback from your employees and communicating the benefits effectively – adoption rates can still remain in the low single digits. There is rarely one sole reason for this, but rather a range of key offenders: 

  1. Too messy. Intranets are often full of multiple resources, which are strewn across many links. Employees are busy, they may be motivated to support their own wellbeing but unless the journey is simple, nobody is going to engage. 
  2. Too many. You could offer five, ten or fifty different wellbeing resources to your employees, and still struggle with low engagement rates. If you try to please everyone by signing as many contracts with suppliers as you can, the race will be endless. 
  3. Not personalised. Wellbeing is different for everyone. Even knowing which pillar of wellbeing you require the most support for can be difficult enough, let alone trying to future out which is the right resource to help. Most solutions in the space are one-size-fits-all, which simply puts people off trying them out. 

How BetterSpace helps…

Single hub approach..everything in one place

By just putting all your resources in one, easy to access, place, you should see your engagement rates improving, and that’s a good start. There are options to offer a tremendous amount of choices to people (not only 5 or 10 benefits, but 100’s) all in one place, without having to deal with thousands of suppliers. As you can imagine, BetterSpace is one of them…

Personalisation is key

What is the difference between choice and personalisation? Empowerment. When you offer a solution which proactively suggests recommendations based on the individual’s needs and preferences, you empower them to try solutions which they will enjoy and get something from. Everyone has a different wellbeing journey and offering personalised suggestions can help a lot of employees discover new ways to take care of themselves. 

Only pay for what is being used

All of this sounds great, but how much are you going to spend for this wonderful solution?

Instead of having to deal with lots of different contracts and payments, you can invest the budget in your people and let them choose how they want to spend it. Anything unused, isn’t wasted.

Not only are you going to help people feel better, empower them to take control of their wellbeing, but you are also going to save costs for your company.


BetterSpace is the employee wellbeing platform putting control where it belongs: in the hands of the individual employee. Our groundbreaking solution has been developed with medical and domain expertise and is aligned to our Six Pillars of Wellbeing. BetterSpace empowers your workforce to understand and fulfill their mental health needs.

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