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Careers most likely to affect your wellbeing

Employee burnout is the silent crisis happening throughout UK workplaces, with as many as one in six workers experiencing a mental health problem at any one time, and stress thought to be responsible for almost half of the working days lost in Britain due to health issues1. Is it more common in particular careers, or ...

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Employee Burnout Part 1: What Is Employee Burnout?

UK workforces are burnt out and it’s costing us all. We’re not just talking about the £45 billion annual financial loss, but the talent, potential and overall wellbeing of employees. What’s more: employers are failing to effectively deal with this challenge. Typical solutions like group stress management, CBT email therapy, employee assistance programs and points-based ...

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Employee Burnout Part 2: Signs and Symptoms

Employee burnout is a silent crisis in UK workforces.  76% of all workers show signs of burnout at least sometimes, costing the economy a whopping £45 billion a year. Despite more people coming forward, the problem isn’t being fixed, as the cost has swelled 16% in two years.  Burnout is so endemic that it was ...

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