Bhavas & Yoga for Wellbeing

“yogas chitta vritti nirodha”

One of the most significant definitions of yoga is: “Yoga is the cessation of mental modifications of the mind.”

The most wonderful thing I discovered in my Yoga journey, is how to take yoga beyond the mat and use its timeless wisdom in daily life. Our guru always said that ‘anything which is done with excellence and focus is doing yoga’, ‘ when your mind is in the present moment and if you are experiencing each moment that you are living, it is Yoga.’ 

One of the ways to achieve this practically is understanding and implementing the four ‘Bhavas’. The literal translation of the Bhavas is feelings and attitude. These four bhavas and their application in Yoga comes from Samkhya philosophy.

The beauty of this is, apart from applying them in your daily yogic practice, they can also be included in your normal day to day activities.

There are 4 positive Bhavas as follows:

Dharma: (Duty)

Dharma in simple words is duty. We all have a duty towards our family, friends, humanity and environment on a larger scale but we often tend to forget the first and the most important one is towards ourselves and that is to be in a balanced state of mind and have faith. A weak Mind is incapable of achieving anything, when we are in a positive frame of mind it eventually helps us to give 100% towards our other duties.

Betterspace has partnered with a plethora of meditation resources and things which could bring balance and positivity and discipline. The Beeja Meditation app offers users a hybrid method of meditation to help prevent escalating thoughts and promote feelings of calmness.

Jnana Bhava (Knowledge)

Jnana is the attitude of knowledge, awareness, mindfulness, and concentration leading to one-pointedness. It is not to be mistaken with ‘information or news’ which we are bombarded with everyday but more of an inherent knowledge that comes through learning from our daily experiences including success and failures both. Eventually Jnana helps you to form positive habits and to realise your role in the larger scheme of things.

Our Partners at Happyfeed help us do exactly this through gratitude journaling, one of the easiest ways to find more happiness and train your brain to focus on the positive and become more resilient in hard times.

Vairagya Bhava (Objectivity)

Developing Vairagya has been one the things that has helped me sail through my challenging times. It is the most easy and yet the most difficult one to develop. Vairagya is letting go and shaking off the unwanted attachments, feelings and fear from your mind, which eventually make you lighter and calmer.

When we surrender and adapt the attitude of humility, detachment, and letting go, we eventually learn to have a “witness” like attitude. This Bhava leads to better stress management.

This guided audio of ‘Yoga Nidra For Sleep’ by Jennifer Piercy, is a lovely way to practice this, to let go of our worldly obligations and become one with our bodies.

Aishwarya (Self-Reliance) 

When Dharma, Jnana, and Vairagya are followed, Aishwaraya Bhava is the outcome. Incorporating these attitudes helps us to become very clear in life, develop mental, emotional strength, will power and self-reliance. These qualities allow one to flow in life beautifully.

Our Partners over at the School of Life, have many resources on self-esteem, confidence and many other topics to help develop your mental and emotional resilience.

Bhavas are for everyone and help in all walks of life. Once cultivated, they work in unison to steady the Mind fulfilling the ultimate goal of Yoga.


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