7 Steps to Reignite Employee Motivation

Author: Wellbeing

When your people are feeling motivated at work, their productivity levels are healthy and high, they’re more engaged with your business, and their passion for their job can be seen in the quality of their work.

On the flip side, a downturn in motivation means your employees are more likely to leave, take time off, miss deadlines, make mistakes, and negatively impact the image of your brand. But you can’t expect people to be motivated and raring to go if you’re not putting measures into place to ignite that passion.

Since the start of the pandemic, motivating your workforce might have presented more of a challenge: working remotely, being furloughed, not being furloughed, worrying about financial security, and contending with a whole host of health concerns has all culminated in a drop in employee motivation levels across the board, and a decided decline in mental wellness.

But it’s time to kickstart those motivation levels – for the good of your people, and the future of your business.

How to Boost Employee Morale and Motivation in 7 Simple Steps

Your people are your biggest, and most expensive, assets – so it makes sound business sense to invest in them, nurture their talent, and help them to thrive. Because the success of your company really does depend on having motivated, loyal and engaged employees.

After a turbulent 18 months, there are some really impactful steps that you can take to inspire your people, boost their morale, and increase their drive in their job. 

1. Be mindful of what they may have been through, and how they feel post-lockdown.

The pandemic affected us all in different ways. You might have people in your team who lost loved ones to Covid, struggled to work while home-schooling the kids, experienced a mental health condition for the first time, spent 18 months worrying about finances, or felt fearful in any number of ways. Whether your teams are headed back to the office or working remotely from here on in, some will undoubtedly need more support and understanding in returning to peak motivation levels.

2. Demonstrate your commitment to workplace wellbeing and employee mental health.

Employees care about your approach to workplace wellbeing now more than ever. Priorities have shifted, and people are putting their health first. Companies who commit to supporting their teams with proactive policies and procedures – and translate these into a genuine culture of wellness – will see a hike in motivation levels, and find it far easier to attract new talent to their doors. Motivated employees act as brilliant brand ambassadors!

3. Regularly communicate company goals – and people’s place in helping you reach them.

Having a sense of purpose is wonderful for our wellbeing. It’s also great for our motivation levels. If your people fully understand the direction your company is heading in, the goals you’re trying to reach, and the specific part they have to play in helping you to reach them, they’re going to feel more driven. Regular internal comms should always come into play here, but line managers have the most crucial role in motivating their teams. 

4. Try to involve people in the decisions that impact their job.

People have been listening to instructions for the last 18+ months. Most employees were told what their working situation would be (furloughed, working remotely, carrying on as normal) with very little say in the matter. Giving employees a voice then, and involving them in decisions that impact both the company and their job, can act as a really powerful motivator.

5. Big up achievements and celebrate your employees for a job well done.

When we feel appreciated, we strive to keep giving our best; when we feel undervalued, our motivation wanes and ‘our best’ seems pointless. Whether you say a personal thank you, send round an email highlighting great work, or celebrate people during team meetings, showing your employees that you notice – and value – their contribution will help to keep those motivation levels high.

6. Provide plenty of opportunities for training, progression, and career development.

If you’ve got great people in your teams, they’re going to want to progress. The promise of career development is frequently cited as one of the top motivating factors for choosing to stay with an employer; it gives people purpose and drive, and something tangible to aim for. If career development isn’t possible, focus on providing the best training (or access to training) that you possibly can.

7. Offer the best employee wellbeing resources on the market.

The level of care you show to your teams has an enormous impact on motivation levels. After a really challenging 18+ months, a lot of your employees will need extra support, empathy and opportunities to offload, decompress or recharge. It can be difficult to access (or motivate yourself to access) those resources alone, but when provided, promoted and encouraged by an employer, people are more likely to look after themselves.

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