Leading the charge to improve mental health in
the workplace

About BetterSpace

BetterSpace is the first intelligent marketplace for mental health. We are on a mission to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace with a disruptive, holistic and expert-backed approach.

We focus on prevention and true cultural change, rather than the reactive approach that has contributed to the rising personal and financial cost of mental ill health.

Our unique platform combines technology, domain expertise and a broad range of best in class products to deliver lasting improvements in employee mental health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help everyone improve and protect their mental health. With an ambition to act as a wellbeing concierge to over ten million people a year by 2026, we’re building the first intelligent marketplace for mental health and leveraging support from employers, schools, universities and the NHS.


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The Team

Jim Woods
Jim Woods
Alfredo Belfiori  CTO
Alfredo Belfiori
Abderrahim Boutorh  Software Developer
Abderrahim Boutorh
Software Developer
Anna Jargic  Operations Director
Anna Jargic Operations Director
James Dashwood  Head of Directories
James Dashwood Head of Directories
Chetna Teckchandani Customer Support
James Alexander Lee  Software Developer
James Alexander Software Developer
Elisabeth Snegir
Customer Support
Dr Iain Jordan
Chief Medical Officer

The experts behind BetterSpace

BetterSpace has been developed in consultation with top mental health experts, led by Dr Iain Jordan of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, and is aligned to the six pillars of wellbeing. The team includes:

Gregor Henderson
Gregor Henderson,
Director Mental Health, Public Health England
Nigel Jones,
Advisory Group Chair, City Mental Health Alliance
Jenny Edwards
Jenny Edwards,
Former CEO, Mental Health Foundation
Nick Pahl
Nick Pahl,
CEO, Society for Occupational medicine
Sian Rees
Sian Rees,
Director of the Oxford AHSn
Zoe Eccleston
Zoe Eccleston,
Workplace Health and Wellbeing Consultant
Rob Stephenson
Chief Catalyst

Our unique approach combines technology, domain expertise and a broad range of best in class products to provide a platform more effective than any EAP, app or point solution.

  • BetterSpace gave me access to fantastic, curated resources in a structured way, that helped me to think about how I could improve my mental wellbeing when I was feeling very stretched.”