A wellbeing platform, founded on freedom.

Our platform enables your staff to choose the wellbeing benefits that work for them, from a range of 400+ curated, vetted and effective health resources.

Companies that understand, care about and invest in their people’s wellbeing outperform those that don’t. So choose us. Make employee wellbeing a benefit you offer your people. So that those people keep choosing you.

Give your employees freedom to choose how they look after their wellbeing.

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About Betterspace

The world of workplace wellbeing was missing personalisation, choice, and freedom and so Betterspace was breathed into life. A place where employees could choose their own wellbeing path, against a budget set by their employer.

The six pillars is our operating system; a way to educate people about wellbeing, and to help them thrive.

Incredibly proud of everything we’ve achieved so far, it delights us that we’re now seeing the first generation who are not only actively looking for employers who will look after them, but who are prepared to leave an employer that fails to do so.

This means the time for organisations to prioritise employee wellbeing really is now.

Values To Live By

You don’t get far in life without a solid set of values to guide the way. Our values are what we live by: informing every decision we make, and influencing every nugget of advice we dish out.

Celebrate Difference

Our uniqueness makes us stronger. When we share our stories we connect, and with that comes energy and power. We understand that everyone is on a different wellbeing journey.

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Be Fearless

We share ideas, safe in the knowledge there is space to be heard. We listen, but don’t feel we have to agree. We take action.

Greater than the
Sum of our Parts

We learn from mistakes and find solutions together. We know the team is stronger than any group of individuals. We’re better together.

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